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June 20, 2008

Hello again - it's been awhile :-)
I finally had shoulder surgery on May 1st and am feeling just fine! I've been doing some quilting during the last month or two and finally have taken some pictures, so I thought I would get my rear in gear and put them up...

1st I finished my red scrap quilt....

red scrap quilt

Pattern: "Country Cousin" by Judy Martin, my favorite quilt designer, from her OOP book Scrap Quilts.
Size: 78 " X 94"
Fabric: every red/neutral fabric from my stash
Method: Machine pieced and machine quilted by me

Here are a few more pictures -click to enlarge.

red scrap quilt red scrap quilt

I almost always piece the back of big quilts since I rarely buy yardage of fabric - here is a view of a section of the back of this quilt - I think I might actually need to go buy some more red fabric!

back of quilt

As soon as I finished that, I had 3-4 more quilts I wanted to make - I seem to be on a roll!

Next...a fun quilt that takes no time at all. I picked 30 different stash batiks and cut a 10" square of each one. Then you just stack 3 at a time and cut as directed -each stack makes 3 blocks. It is a perfect little lap quilt! I think I'll make a few more...

Pattern: "Jungle Fever" (with my fabric choices, I would call it Woodland Serenity) by Karen Montgomery.
Size: 40 1/2" X 48 1/2"
Fabric: variety of stash batiks
Method: Machine pieced and machine quilted by me

The color on the upper part of the compost pile view is closest to reality.

jungle fever jungle fever

and a new project in the making - here is one block

bali quilt bali quilt

and knitting???

I don't think I'll ever knit at the pace I was knitting prior to my shoulder fiasco, but I just picked out some beautiful STR "Fire on the Mountain" (I won this skein from Lori over a year ago) and started knitting a plain old pair of stockinette socks...

fire on the mountain

We leave for Fairbanks, AK in 5 days(to spend some time with my oldest son, Matt)and I need something to knit on the plane! Looks like I'll finish these, so I better get another project together...
I'll be back with another update , but probably not until we return from our trip in July. Now I need to go check's been a LONG time since I've visited any knitting blogs....


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