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May 25, 2012

I promised myself that if I washed all the fleece that I had accumulated in the past year, I could get more :)

Drying Day



icelandic lamb

DONE! So here are the new girls

lydia and twinkle star

To the left is Lydia - a gorgeous single coated shetland ewe that was lovingly cared for by Lori at Diamond B Sheep Farm - her full fleece was only 1 lb. 12 oz. - gorgeous clean fleece. The picture above shows the cut end and below you can see the tips - all pre-wash.


She is washed and I've combed an ounce and carded an ounce just to see and feel the fiber. Nope - she's not brown....Soft heavenly fluff!

Lydia Washed


In the box on the right is beautiful Twinkle Star - a gorgeous soft very clean Cormo/Romeldale ewe raised by Therese who took immaculate care of her at Lilac Ridge Farm - I only bought 1/2 of her so there is 1/2 left if you want some :)


Here's a close look at her long beautiful locks - just look at those!

Twinkie Fleece

She gets washed tomorrow - I am getting so fast at washing fleece!

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May 21, 2012
Moxie Socks

These handspun stripey summer socks have been my car knitting project since April. My MIL has been in rehab/assisted living following a hip replacement and it is a 20 minute ride each way to visit her - these socks have been entirely knit on this commute (Dave driving - not me haha) over the past few months - all of a sudden they are done!

Moxie Socks

Started with FatCatKnits Moxie in Panda blend (merino, bamboo, nylon)

Moxie Panda Fiber

Split lengthwise in 4 strips - spun end to end and chain plied - 102 grams = 385 yards of beautiful fingering weight yarn.

Moxie Yarn

Cakes wound and ready to go with my granddoggy Jasmine.

Moxie and Jasmine

With chain ply you can actually see exactly what the combed top looked like - how it was painted and there is much more distinct striping than regular 3 ply - I realize I actually like the muted effect of regular 3 ply better than these delineated stripes.

Moxie Socks off

Pattern: None - just plain socks
Size: 60 (leg) 64 (feet) stitches around for my size 7 wide feet
Yarn: 2.6 ounces (76 grams) Handspun FatCatKnits Panda Blend (Merino, Bamboo, Nylon) in Moxie colorway - love this blend for socks!
Needles: 2 socks on 1 40" 2.25mm circular

Moxie Socks

Fleece pictures probably coming up next - it's that time of year :)

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May 9, 2012
A New Toy

I seem to be on a roll buying fiber related equipment - keep it rolling....


Louet Junior Carder - I feel like I made the perfect choice (with help from Ginny)

Within minutes of opening the box, I started making a pile of stuff to put through....


85 grams of merino, silk, corriedale, qiviut, cashmere, angora, yak, and baby camel (I added more than was in this original picture)

1st batt

I only put it through the drumcarder one time and realized it was perfect exactly like that for a textured yarn. I wanted the color streaks and some lumps and bumps and tweediness and nepps.

1st batt

spun into 173 yards of beautifully textured 2 ply worsted weight yarn


I have lots more yarn pictures, but realize I am probably the only one obsessed with this yarn so I won't bore you :)

Instead I'll overload you with woven scarf pictures .....

woven handspun scarf

handwoven scarf close

Handwoven handspun scarf

173 yards (85 grams) of handspun 2 ply worsted weight handspun drumcarded fiber including merino, silk, corriedale, qiviut, cashmere, angora yak and baby camel.
Weft: I skein Elann Baby Cashmere (60% baby alpaca, 30% merino, 10% cashmere - color 1321)
Size: 8" X 64"
Warp and Weft Specifications: 8 dent rigid heddle, 8 epi, 6 ppi, 73 warp ends and 83" warp length. I beat the weft very loosely - sort of just placed it gently to be sure the beautiful handspun warp showed up in the finished scarf.
Finishing: hemstitched ends (3 per stitch) - 2" fringe

Since the baby cashmere is a fingering weight yarn and I used a gentle beat, it just highlights the handspun warp - I love this effect!

The scarf is deliciously soft and warm!

handwoven handspun scarf

My next drumcarding plan is to card enough fiber (mixing and matching stuff I have -- I'm in the gathering phase right now) for a sweater. I will spin it during Tour de Fleece in July - can't wait!

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May 1, 2012
Rose Wreath Mittens

When I received this combination of fiber as my Mixed Blessings from Fat Cat Knits, I had no clue what to do with it....I just couldn't see the 2 fibers as companions and was frightened by the yellow/pink "peeps" colored braid, but I decided to trust Ginny and just go for it ...

Polworth Fiber

and I'm glad I did!
340 yards of regular 3 ply sport weight yarn

Polwarth Yarn

Perfect for knitting these mittens

Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens

Pattern: "Rose Wreath Mittens" from The Mitten Book
Yarn: 117 grams of Handspun Polworth in Sid and Nancy colorway dyed by FatCatKnits
Needles: c/o with 3.25 mm then changed to 2.75 mm for the cuff, 3.25 mm for hand, and 3.75 mm for liner
Size: outer mitten 60 stitches (8 3/4" circumference) / liner 40 stitches (picked up 60 then decreased on 1st round - K1, K2tog)

cuff to tip is 10"

Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens
Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens

I was on vacation at the Cape and finished the outer mittens before I expected too - I had planned on making alpaca liners, but had not brought the yarn along with me, so all I had for extra yarn was the remainder of my handspun (mostly pink/yellow Nancy) - I'm so glad I didn't have the alpaca because I LOVE my resourceful scrappy handspun polworth liners!

Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens

and I like that the thickness of the liner poofs out the hand so the cuff is inset.

Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens

they are soooo warm and fit me perfectly - I think this will be my go to pair next winter!

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