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October 30 , 2007
Minnesota Mittens

At Dave's request, I made a pair of fingerless gloves WITH flaps....oh so practical! He has finger access if needed and the warmth of wooly mittens with an easy to use flap.

Minnesota Mittens Minnesota Mittens
Minnesota Mittens
Minnesota Mittens

Check out the identical twins - I had to do some spit splicing, but it was worth it for the perfectly lined up colors. Do you think I took enough pictures? (she said facetiously)

click pictures for bigger
Minnesota Mittens Minnesota Mittens
Minnesota Mittens

Pattern: Minnesota Mittens from Folk Mittens by Marcia Lewandowski.
Yarn: Noro Kureyon- every bit of 2 skeins - color 149
Needles: 2 mittens together on 1 40" circular 3mm needle
Changes: Did not do Tvaandsstickning as they were dense enough on 3mm needles; left off tips of gloves; left/right increases for thumbs

If I ever make glittens again, (I do not like making all those fingers, so this may be my one and only pair!) I will use this excellent picture tutorial on how to turn ANY pair of mittens into glittens! Kathy is a glitten expert who has knit 27 pair of these - much fancier than mine - look at the gorgeous gauntlet colorwork mittens at the bottom of the tutorial post!)

After these last 2 pair of manly mitts, I decided to make my last fingerless Mitts for Fall a girly pair for me....Here is a sneak preview of my new Kyla fingerless mittens (sidebar link to free PDF) - beautifully designed by Monika!

Kyla Fingerless Mitts

I had hoped this yarn would behave differently - I imagined subtle striping NOT big splotches !


October 26, 2007
Spookin' Around

Talk about instant gratification! This little wall quilt took 1 day to make (quilting is so much faster than knitting!) I had already made one of these several years ago, but donated it to a mini quilt auction. My younger boys are still really into halloween and wanted more decorations - so yesterday I made this for our door.

Spookin' Around
My perfectionistic side wants you to know that it really has very straight edges, but the grass underneath bends the quilt, so the edges are distorted in the picture!

Pattern: Spookin' Around by MH Designs
Size: 14" X 15"
Method: Paper pieced/machine quilted

Here is the back...

Spookin' back

All I need are thumbs on my flap mittens and toes on my socks - but somehow I cast on for a hat instead of finishing them. Knitting Karma caught up with me quickly... I knit 3 inches of 1 x 1 ribbing last night during the game and frogged it all this morning at 6:30 am ... WAY to big !!!

In the meantime, I wound this deep, dark, raven colored STR into cakes...

Raven Yanr


October 22 , 2007
Aran Watch Cap

Aran Watch Cap Aran Watch Cap

Pattern: Aran Watch Cap from my favorite hat book - Hats On by Charlene Schurch.
Yarn: Lion Wool in Winter White - 1 3oz skein plus .5oz of another skein.
Needle: US 6 16" circular. (switched to 2 circulars for the last 4 rows).
Size: Medium (124 stitches around), but used the length measurements for XL to make a deeper hat.

This is a VERY simple set of patterns - a 6 row repeat that is easily memorized, with the cable turn happening on the same row as the purl ridge. The cast on is called "Yarn-Over Tubular Cast-On" which makes a great stretchy edging. After getting through the long 1x1 ribbing section, the rest just flies!

Hats are so much fun - Which one is next?

No, no I can't start another one yet... I MUST finish these fingerless gloves with flaps first. They are killing my hands because I'm using Noro Kureyon on 3mm needles - masochistic for sure!

Minnesota Mittens


October 16 , 2007
Denmark Socks

Denmark Socks

Denmark Socks

Somehow the dark blue picture in the book never caught my eye - even though I am Danish, I skipped right over these socks again and again. But this month the Sockdown Challenge is a Nancy Bush or cable pattern,KOTR along is Friday Harbor (which I had already made), and Fall Cable KAL is underway, so I looked closely at the Denmark Socks and realized how pretty they were with the special little touch of the ribbing nupps and the beautiful cable pattern. In sport weight yarn on 3mm needles, they went quite fast...

Denmark Socks

Pattern: Denmark Socks by Nancy Bush from Knitting on the Road.
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport 2 skeins (with 62 gms left over!) of Old Rose - a beautiful almost solid colorway - just enough variation in shading to give it a sparkle.
Needles: 2 socks together on 1 40" 3mm Inox needle
Size: 56 stitches - fits my wide size 7 foot perfectly.

This is a very simple and easily memorized cable pattern - I knit these while watching my boys at the skateboard park and during evening Red Sox games.


I start back to work today (RN - fairly flexible contract work - but still!) Hopefully, my knitting/quilting/blogging won't suffer too much!!


October 12 , 2007
A Quick Way

to get rid of a WIP ...


Several reasons for this quick decision. The fabric was too stiff with the heavy yarn/small needles, the intricate beautiful pattern was lost in the variegated yarn, I was about an inch short in my yarn supply - the plan was to rip back a little and make a shorter version, but I just kept frogging, knowing this beautiful yarn could be used in a better way!new yarn

That feeling, JUST before you start pulling the stitches off the needle - you know the feeling - YIKES! then part way through when you start really questioning if you should have done it (that's when I stopped to take the picture), followed by the final feeling of freedom when it's over and there are 2 beautiful new balls of yarn. Frogging is quite an emotional process!

Slowly, but surely....

Fair Game Heel Fair Game Heel

There are 5 patterns in this sock - front/instep, back of leg, gusset, sole, and heel flap - I have renewed energy for it now that I've turned the heel!


October 9 , 2007
Caved and Started Denmarks
The Postman is Here Too

I couldn't wait....Mystery sock clue 4 never came. I am tired of the colorwork socks and really wanted to start a pair of 1 color simple cable socks!

Starting Denmarks

Denmark Socks designed by Nancy Bush from Knitting on the Road in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport "Old Rose" on a 3mm 40" circular needle. Look at the cute little nupps at the bottom of the ribbing - she adds such nice little extra special touches to her sock patterns!

Denmarks Socks up close

Only 1 more inch of 1 X 1 ribbing and I will be to the fun part of my Aran Watch Cap.

Starting Aran Watch Cap

I was just ready to post this when the mailman came - I quickly took some pictures so you could see the loot that arrived today!

from Kimberly
Can you imagine having all of this in one package arrive at your doorstep? Kimberly had a contest to see who could guess the date she would finish this unbelievable fair isle wrap and my guess was the closest! On the day I won this very generous prize I had just kneeled on 1 of my little Brittany Birch needles and crushed it - talk about perfect timing! See the smaller skein of yarn? It is hand spun by Kimberly - Romney wool ..She has a new Etsy Shop. Oh how I love blue yarn...Thank you for everything, Kimberly!


from Julie


Julie and her team (Betty's Boops) walk each year for Light the Night to to support her close friend, Betty, and raise funds to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in their efforts to find new treatments for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma. My sister-in-law also has Multiple Myeloma so I have a special place in my heart for Julie's fund raiser. Thank you Julie - for all the energy you put into this cause and for my new beautiful sock yarn!


October 3, 2007
Chasing Butterflies

I'm just fluttering between projects and getting absolutely nothing noticeable done. I KNOW I am moving along, but you wouldn't notice it in progress pictures! So in celebration of my flitting about, I decided to finish an aptly named project that I started last spring. 2 lace panels of the the Chasing Butterflies Scarf have been staring at me for months - all they needed was grafting at the neck and blocking....TAH DAH!!

Chasing Butterflies

I love Seamen's scarves - the ribbing fits so nicely around the neck. On this scarf each panel is worked from the bottom up, ending with 4X4 ribbing which is grafted at the back neck. The lace pattern is a 6 row repeat that is worked on both sides (no resting purl row) - she has nice charts AND written instructions.

Pattern: Chasing Butterflies by Mary Dominski from A Week in the Life of a Knitter's Cat.
Yarn: 1 skein Peruvian Nights Superfine Alpaca from Joslyn's Fiber Farm.
Size: 8"X50" (each lace panel is 18" and the neck ribbing is 14")
Needles: 3.25mm


See the butterflies?

Chasing Butterflies up close

Other decisions made...I will make Denmark socks (Nancy Bush - KOTR) for October Sockdown and Fall Cable KAL, but am still waiting for clue 4 on the Mystery Socks before I get going on these. I also just started (another fun new cast on) the Aran Watch Cap (Charlene Schurch - Hats On).

and I'm putting the red quilt top together...


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