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October 30, 2008
Mystery Solved

Happy Halloween!!

mini halloween quilt

I made this teeny tiny (8" X 10") quilt about 5 years ago. I don't recall the designer or pattern name, but it is a favorite each year when we unpack halloween decorations, so I decided to take a picture and put it up here too!

As we get near the end of Socktoberfest, I have one more pair of socks completed...

Mystery Socks Back Mystery Socks Side
Mystery Socks Front

The Through the Loops Group on Ravelry has been filled with activity this month while we've all been knitting our Mystery Socks together...

Pattern: Through the Loops Mystery Socks by Kirsten Kapur
Size: 64 stitches
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock Solid in Mint
Needles: 2 socks together on 1 40" circular 2.25mm needle

These socks are soft , cushiony and beautiful - I have them on right now and will keep them on all day! I love mystery projects and this one was no exception - Thank you for a fun-filled sock knitting experience, Kirsten!


October 24, 2008

Isn't that a great word? It means two-end or twined knitting and is a wonderful old Scandinavian technique that sure makes a soft, warm, wind resistant hat (or anything else for that matter!)

Basic Twined Hat

Pattern: Basic Twined Hat by Lisa Ellis
Yarn: exactly 1 skein (about 4 feet left over) Crystal Palace "Taos" color #10 Hopi
Needles: US #9 circular 16"
Size: Adult (L)

Basic Twined Hat Cuff The cuff is twined in a rib stitch with one strand always in the front purling and one strand always in the back knitting. This makes a hollow tube that is toasty warm and resistant to wind. It kind of looks like a hemmed cuff in garter stitch, but is knit K1, P1.
Basic Twined Hat Inside From the inside you can see how every single stitch is twisted. You knit 1 stitch with the strand from outside the skein, then 1 stitch with the strand from inside the skein wrapping the new yarn over the old yarn which twists the yarns together - unlike regular fair isle knitting. The only problem with this method is that there is a lot of time spent doing THIS!
Basic Twined Hat Outside I love the look from the outside too. It is kind of an elongated stockinette stitch with one side of the V being more dominant than the other. A stretchy very warm way of knitting which is especially fun in this tweedy self striping yarn.

Here is what we were doing while everyone else was at Rhinebeck last weekend - Dave has the hat on - It also fits Connor and Cam, and is currently the most sought after hat in the house since it is soft, not itchy, warm and made in such beautiful fall colors.

Pat Dave

OK - now back to sock knitting....



October 15, 2008
Spring Pools (in the Fall)

My friend Linda - a talented, creative and fearless knitter - designed these beautiful socks! I love everything about them. The pattern is easy and fun - also quick - 5 repeats of the chart and you're DONE! They are knit toe up and end with a new-to-me (since I rarely knit toe up socks) tubular bind off - the perfect stretchiness with a very clean look. There is a nice smooth transition between the undulating leg pattern and the cuff ribbing - so pretty and a perfect fit!

Spring Pools

Pattern: Spring Pools by Linda Fisher
Yarn: 72 gms Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport (JUST 2 gms over 1 skein) "Periwinkle"
Needles: 2 socks on 1 3mm 40" Inox circular

click for bigger on any photo
Spring Pools
Spring Pools

Clue 2 of Through the Loops Mystery Sock complete! I've just printed off Clue 3 which looks like it's going to be a beautiful eye of the partridge heel.

TTL Mystery Sock

Still have 2 more pairs of socks going - and predictably... I'm now being strongly drawn to hats/mittens/sweaters - A good impetus to finish all of these socks up!

As for quilting....I continue to make 4" stars for the Mother Goose quilt - not too many more - soon I'll be putting the top together.

Mother Goose Quilt


October 7, 2008
Journey Cable Socks and 4 Socktoberfest Cast Ons

Aren't they pretty socks? I love the way the cable splits and winds toward the instep and heel to border the front and back ribbing - such a simple but beautiful sculptured touch!

Journey Cable Socks
Try to disregard the cat dishes in the background :-)

Journey Cable Socks Journey Cable Socks

Pattern: Journey Cable Socks by Sivia Harding
Yarn: Lisa Souza Sock - Gingerpeach ( a bit splitty for cabling, but a beautiful, subtle colorway)
Needles: 2 Socks together on 1 40" 2.25 mm circular
Size: Medium (68 stitches)

I have 4 more pairs of socks going (have already blown off my recent rule of only 1- 2 items "on the needles"), BUT there are very important reasons (excuses) why I HAD to start each one of them ....

Spring Pools

My close and very talented knitting friend, Linda, ( we have wonderful coffee and knitting time on Wednesday mornings) has designed beautiful, swirling, flowing socks called Spring Pools (Ravelry project link). She has a free pdf. download for her pattern which is easy and fun to knit (and goes fast in sport weight yarn!) I had to start these!!

Binsenkorbchen Socks

The Sock Knitter's Anonymous October Sockdown challenge is to use any Stephanie van der Linden pattern. I love my Florenz socks, so was excited to start another one of her slip stitch designs - Binsenkorbchen - available as a free Ravelry download or through the Socken-Kreativ Liste yahoo group. I'm using a gray background with Lorna's Laces "Iris Garden" for the stitch pattern - mmmm pretty!

TTL Mystery Socks

How could I not join in on Kirsten's Through the Loops mystery sock??? Clue 1 complete in Cherry Tree Hill "Mint"

Wilderness Socks

Last, but not least, Dave has been asking for another pair of socks for his cold hockey rink coaching. It has been 2 years since I made the last pair (which have been worn constantly through 2 winters and are still in excellent shape - I have nothing but good things to say about Austermann Step - the aloe and jojoba oil keep on giving!)
He has been so persistent in his desire for another pair of socks, that I finally opened my sock yarn drawers and let him pick his favorite yarn for the next pair. He chose Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the "Wilderness" colorway.....the man has good taste!


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