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October 22, 2011
Back in Limited Action

I decided I really need a place to keep track of things and this works the best! I often google in my own blog just to find out "how many stitches were on that mitten?" "or "what size needles did I use for that hat?" or "how big was that quilt?" Most likely it will be "completed" type posts instead of ongoing commentary and I'll just post haphazardly when things are done :)

I am limited physically which is probably a good thing - keeps me in check (no high level spinning/knitting addiction) and keeps fiber play enticing - amazing how I look forward to it when I can't do too much!

Fat Cat Fiber
Fat Cat Knits Mixed Blessing (October 2010 Club Fiber) - rich shiny 75% BFL/ 25% Silk.

Fat Cat Handspun
221 yards (4.7 ounces) of regular 3 ply yarn

Close up
you can imagine how mesmerizing it was plying this fiber - I had to stop every so often just to look at the color combinations and say oooh and ahhh out loud!

Fat Cat Hat

and it was just as much fun to knit - I feel like I could just spin yarn and make hats forever and I would be satisfied.

Pattern: Seaman's Cap by Brenda Zuk - Ravelry Link - my favorite winter hat pattern.
Yarn: 2.9 ounces (84 grams) of 3 ply handspun Fat Cat Knits BFL/Silk
Size: 90 stitches
Needles: cast on with US7 - knit entire cap with US6
Notes: Knit ribbing for 6" then continued in stockinette for 2" before starting decreases.

Fat Cat Hat

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