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October 31, 2013
Handspun Rooty

I want to spin every braid of fiber I have and make Rootys with each one - Such a quick fun little knit and I LOVE my new hippie-ish hat :)

Handspun Rooty

After waiting for years, I have finally made it into the Hello Yarn Fiber Club and this was the 1st shipment.... Spirograph in falkland wool - gorgeous!

spirograph falkland wool

I spun this beautiful fiber into 217 yards (111 grams) of 3 ply worsted weight yarn. (Lots more spinning pictures here.)

Handspun falkland

Perfect for a hat.

Handspun Rooty

Pattern: Rooty designed by Alexandra Tinsley of Dull Roar - I love her hats - will make more!
Yarn: 3.1 ounces (approx 172 yards)of handspun falkland wool dyed by Hello Yarn in Spirograph colorway (3 ply worsted weight)
Size: 20" circumference - 96 stitches
Needles: US 7 circular
Mods: Followed pattern as written, but left out the "dots"

Handspun Rooty

I made super long braids and nice big pompom - have I mentioned I LOVE this hat!

Handspun Rooty

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October 13, 2013
Fall Gardening

I always have a spurt of garden energy in the fall - trying to extend the season as long as possible and starting to plan for next year's garden and planting all kinds of garlic!

I even joined a Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds of the Month Club which has been so much fun - (and WAY less expensive than a fiber club haha - only .57 cents/packet!) I love getting my package of surprise seeds each month - There will be quite an array by spring! I just got these...


What the hell is Corn Salad? I didn't know, but here is the description...A miniature gourmet salad green that is one of the most sought after early spring greens. Broad, dark-green leaves form rosettes which may be harvested continuously, the texture is sort and buttery. The flavor is delicate with a hint of nut and mint.
I can't wait to grow some corn salad - maybe I'll start some in our sunroom for winter greens!

Here are some pix of my garden taken this morning - No frost yet and I'm trying to eek out some very late plantings....

kale lettuce
Teeny tiny kale, lettuce and beans planted in September. The kale and lettuce patches are edible now, but I'm holding off for bigger - the beans only need a few more frost free days to get big enough - I love the challenge!

Trying to hold on to these as long as possible

tomatoes peppers
green tomatoes I think all the orange tomatoes will make it, but those green ones are pretty green. Lots of peppers and eggplant still growing - will probably pick all of them this week so I don't risk losing them all.

The strawberry patch (getting bigger) and beautiful asparagus ferns sending lots of nutrients down for the spring

strawberry asparagus

Here's a spot all ready for garlic which I'll plant at the end of this month - I LOVE garlic!

garlic plot

The chickens are very excited when I start gardening - lots of bugs and worms



And just think how awesome next year's garden will be with all my new chicken poop!


Just finished a handspun hat - pictures coming soon...

ETA - I decided to really push it so right after lunch I just planted some Corn Salad and other greens in the garden - fingers crossed and row cover ready :)

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October 13, 2013
One Love Socks

One Love Socks

Now THIS was a fun Mystery Sock (SKA September 2013 MOCK)- Rasta socks in tropical colors - Just look at all those little dreadlocks!
In order to make it even more fun (since after the cuff it was just a knit/purl pattern), I decided to use some gradient yarn that I bought years ago in wonderful tropical colors - The appropriate name of this Unique Sheep yarn is Glee :))

Glee Gradient Yarn

One Love Socks

Pattern: One Love by Claire Ellen of Wimpwoman Designs
Yarn: Unique Sheep Sushi Socks (60% Merino, 30% Bamboo, 10% Nylon ) in Glee Gradience colorway
Needles: 2 socks on one 2.25mm circular
Size: small - 64 stitches

The cuff dreadlocks were made using Cat Bordhi's directions for tendrils that are knit as you go - she takes creativity to a whole new level!

and a couple of other views...

One Love Socks One Love Socks

I smiled the whole time I was knitting these socks and I will be smiling whenever I wear them - they are just so cute and funky :)

One Love! One Heart!
Let's get together and feel all right.

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October 1, 2013
Turkish Rose Glittens

My son's best friend wore these mittens last winter while playing pond hockey and asked me if I would make him a pair. I usually don't knit on request (I tend to knit whatever I want and then let people pick from the pile), but how could I refuse a 16 year old boy! So I squeezed them in just before this winter.

Turkish Rose Glittens

Anthony picked the yarn and the pattern and I turned them into Glittens using Kathy's wonderful "turn any mittens into glittens" pattern - Mittens + Gloves = Glittens. Ravelry link here. Warm wonderful versatile mittens - I think I need to make a pair for me :)

and now from all angles with my pretty fall blueberry bushes in the background.





The pictures show it all - if you need your fingers the top flips back and inside are nice partial gloves. Kathy's pattern insures there are no sneaky places for snow, cold, or wind to get in. The flap comes down nice and low on the palm with a snug wide overlap. I've made Turkish Rose before, but just as regular mittens.

Pattern: Turkish Rose Mittens by Cap Cease and Mittens + Gloves = Glittens by Kathy Kochran.
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool in Garnet 620 and Tan 208 - 124 grams
Needles: 40"circular 2.75 for cuff and inner glove and 3.25 for outer mitten
Size: Men's small - 58 stitches around for a 9" circumference and 11" from cuff to tip
Mods: the only change I made was to start and stop on different rows than shown in Turkish Rose Chart.


Finished just in time to start Rose Hiver's Mystery Mittens today - Quaternity - the 1st clue looks wonderful - The cuff's have a picot edge, beautiful star colorwork pattern and Latvian Braids - what could be better??

On the chicken front - we got our 1st blue egg today - thank you Anastasia :)

Blue Egg

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