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September 28 , 2007
This and That

I'm using this last week in September to ONLY work on projects that are already started. I will wait patiently until October to start my Socktoberfest socks and the 2 hats that are calling me .

So here is where I stand today...

Fair Game
I've stalled on the Fair Game socks. It's not that I don't like them (I still think they are extraordinary), but somehow my enthusiasm for colorwork socks is crumbling. I'm going to try to do at least a few rows everyday - they WILL get done!

Tangled Yoke is started and will be my only "big" project until it's done. Right now, I am working on this sweater only when mindless knitting is needed. I was worried that my yarn - Rowan Felted Tweed in color #149 which does not seem to exist anymore (OLD stash yarn) was too dark, but the garter rib shows up nicely so I hope the cables will too.

Tangled Yoke

Mystery Socks AKA Scherherazades Slippers are done through clue 3. This is a very different sock pattern - not easy to knit 2 together on one circular because of the ongoing need to move stitches toward the sole from the instep. I have managed to do this though, using my toothpick method. This heel is new for me - it has little holes, but it is still pretty and very easy. I love how the pattern swirls around to the back of the leg.

Scherherazades Slippers

I am also SLOWLY working on the red quilt - I won't bore you with anymore pictures until it is more than just a pile of blocks.


September 24 , 2007
Chipman's Check Wristers

The Fingerless Mitts for Fall KAL sucked me right in! Here are my first ever pair of fingerless mitts, made for and modeled by my husband, Dave. (for Seinfeld fans - I think Dave is better than George as a hand model any day!)

Chipman's Check Wristers Chipman's Check Wristers
Chipman's Check Wristers
Chipman's Check Wristers

Pattern: Chipman's Check Wristers designed by Robin Hansen from Favorite Mittens
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool - 53 gms MC (#727) 22 gms CC (#282) left over from one of my favorite preblog sweaters. (Celtic Cardigan by Oat Couture)
Size: Stitch count for WS, but with worsted wt. wool the size is MM
Needles: 2 mitts together on 2 circulars (2.5mm for ribbing and 3.25mm for mitten)

Robin Hansen explains all of her methods in wonderful detail. I learned some new things making this pair of mitts ...
1. A pretty new cast on called the "Maine Method" which has an extra half twist that makes a little bead. I held the CC in my left hand to make that nice edging.
2. Increased for thumb gusset 6 stitches over 2 rows twice (great increase - just knit both colors into 1 stitch) which keeps the 6 stitch repeat going without an obvious break in the pattern here. There is no right or left mitten - they are interchangeable, since the pattern wraps seamlessly around the mittens
3. A different bind off which avoids a flaccid top edge to the ribbing

I finished these so quickly that I didn't put up any progress pictures, but here is one showing both mittens being knit together - just like socks! ( I LOVE that cast on edge!)

Chipman's Check Wristers

Now Dave wants a pair with the convertible top that pulls over the finger tips when needed! I've found some good patterns, but want to finish what I already have going first.


September 18 , 2007
I Love My Summer of Love Lace

No one is more surprised than me....I didn't even think I would "like" them!

Summer of Love Lace

Pattern: Summer of Love Lace designed by JC Briar for BMFA Rockin Sock Club.
Yarn: 1 skein Socks That Rock Superwash Merino Lightweight - in "Flower Power" (had 28 gms left over)
Size: Medium (72 stitches for cuff followed by 64 stitches for remainder of socks)
Needles: 2 socks on 1 40" circular 2.25 mm needle

Summer of Love Lace Summer of Love Lace

As you know, I didn't plan on liking these socks - in fact, they were made with my Dugly-uck yarn (remember Dave's definition?) . I don't know if I would consider them swans, but they are at least really cute ducks!

Summer of Love Lace

and pretty walking away, too!

Summer of Love Lace


September 14 , 2007
A Few Things

Is this a big enough swatch for Tangled Yoke? I think so, but I wonder if Marguerite would agree (Look at these swatches and these swatches and don't forget this giant swatch, all for her beautiful current Autumn Song sweater) I am humbled by your swatching Marguerite....but I just can't do it!

Tangled Yoke Swatch

At the same time that I was having my own blogiversary celebration, Whitney (while you're there look at her Demi!!)was having hers...we are almost blog twins (started our blogs 3 days apart). Well, I won her contest and was lucky enough to be able to pick out my very own skein of Socks That Rock yarn - Isn't this "Metamorphic" colorway gorgeous? Thank you, Whitney - I think it is going to be socks from my new Cat Bordhi book...

STR metamorphic

Look at these pretty stitch markers that Linda made. She surprised me with them yesterday when we had our very own coffee and knitting time together. They match both my Tangled Yoke and Metamorphic yarn - I will be knitting in style!

and I joined a new KAL - Fingerless Mitts For Fall (Thanks for the gentle nudge, Keri) - I'm having fun looking for patterns - there are plenty of them out there!

black eyed susan


September 10 , 2007
A Few More Sock Starts, Then..

Look at this pretty yarn combo for the current Red Bird Knits Sock Club...

Fair Game Yarn

I dropped my other socks to start them immediately!

Fair Game

This beautiful pattern is called Fair Game and was designed by Robyn Gallimore. The above picture shows the back and front of the leg - 2 different motifs (Egyptian and Anatolian) The sole and gusset have different stitch patterns, so it definitely won't get boring! The background yarn is Lana Grossa Bosco and the foreground is Lana Grossa Stile.

Clue #1 of Maia's mystery socks - Scherherazade's Slippers in Posh Yarn "Emily" Arcadia colorway (lambswool/cashmere/angora) - These are going to be comfy!! This is a heavy fingering wt. yarn, and I'm using 2.25 mm circulars for a nice dense fabric. The only change I made was to make my increase to 31 stitches on row 23 (instead of row 25) by inserting the YO in the middle of that row and adjusting row 25 accordingly (somehow with the chart as written my YOs weren't centered between the cables - and this way they are perfect). The next clue should come today....

Scherherazade's Slippers

I'm enjoying working on socks, but am getting pulled by a certain sweater and mitten/ hat patterns - Selbuvotter, Knitting in Estonia, Knitting Marvelous Mittens, Favorite Mittens, Folk Mittens, and Hats On,all have my attention lately, so I think I know what is next....


September 5 , 2007
I Love Gansey socks

I Love Gansey socks

Pattern: I L0ve Gansey Socks by Janine Le Cras. This is the August/September pattern for the Six Sock KAL group.
Yarn: Silja Superwash color 332 - 2 50 gm skeins - a heavy fingering wt. yarn
Needles: 2 socks on 1 40" 2.25 mm circular needle
Size: 64 stitches around
Modification: Only did 2 1/2 repeats of the large cable on the leg and I carried the pattern onto the toe.

I Love Gansey socks

I do love gansey patterns, so it was fun to play with them on a sock canvas. I really like the way the large side cable splits off to form the heel and foot ribbing on these socks. Fun to knit, pretty, and a perfect fit...Silja is a very durable warm wooly sock yarn, so my toes will be toasty this winter!

Guess what? Much to my surprise, I am thoroughly enjoying the STR club kit socks - Summer of Love Lace. The cuff is knit flat like this.....

Summer of Love Lace

Then it is overlapped before starting the anklet and pretty heel.

Summer of Love Lace

I am still adjusting to the colors, but they are growing on me...

I joined Sock Knitter's Anonymous in Ravelry and quickly jumped on the SOCKDOWN challenge. For September, I started Maia's Mystery toe up sock called Scherherazade's Slippers - using some of my luxury Posh Yarn (The pattern is also available in weekly increments on Maia's blog). I'll take some pictures when I have more than the tip of a toe done!


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